Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out about financial aid?

Please refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid website at

Are there fellowships or scholarships?

All applicants to the program are considered for merit-based scholarships that are determined based on a review of the prospective student’s academic history and professional promise.  Additional scholarship, fellowship, and employment opportunities are outlined here.

What are the tuition rates?

Mason tuition rates can be found at Tuition & Fees. Look under College of Visual and Performing Arts.

What are the dates of the semesters?

Fall term is late August through early December; spring term is late January through early May; Summer terms (3 sessions) are May through August. For more detailed schedule information, please refer to

What are the application deadlines?

Applications are accepted an ongoing basis, however to receive priority consideration for scholarships and funding applications must be submitted by February 15 (Fall) and October 1 (Spring).

Where is your campus?  Are you in Arlington or Fairfax?

Starting spring 2011, all of our core arts management graduate classes will be held on the Arlington, Virginia, Campus. The only exception to this is the Graduate ProSeminar course, which meets two-three times on the Fairfax Campus. All AMGT minor courses, will only be offered in Fairfax. Please visit for full information about Mason’s campuses, directions, and maps. Transportation information is available at

Can students work full time while enrolled in the AMGT program?

Yes, with the exception of internship scheduling. Many Mason graduate students hold full-time jobs in their professional fields. When students enter the internship phase of the program, they will be required to coordinate their work schedules with their external internship sponsor.

What time of day are classes held?

The majority of the graduate arts management courses are offered between 4:30 – 10:00 pm, with the exception of the occasional elective and Capstone, which meets for six weekday sessions.

How do your students find their internships?

Our students work with their internship advisor to locate or create an internship that aligns with their educational and professional goals.  The program has developed connections with numerous arts organizations in the Washington, D.C. area, nationally and internationally, and can help facilitate new opportunities to match your needs. Every week internship opportunities are sent to students via a weekly newsletter, published on our website, and posted on social media. You can find a list of previous internship sites here.

Where do your alumni work?

Our alumni work in visual and performing arts organizations large and small around the world.  To see a list of alumni placements please visit

What type of class schedule can be expected?

Most graduate classes at Mason are scheduled during the 4:30–7:10 p.m. and 7:20–10:00 p.m. time frames. Classes generally meet once per week for two hours and 40 minutes (except summer classes).

Does my bachelor’s degree have to be in theater, music, dance, or one of the arts?

No. We are most interested in serving students whose passion is for the arts, and those students are quite likely to hold bachelor’s degrees in one of the visual or performing arts. But students of other disciplines are also welcome.

Are Graduate Record Exams (GREs) required?

The GRE is not required for admission; however, submission of GRE scores at or before the application deadline will afford the Arts Management Admissions Committee with more information on which to base its decision..

Is the GRE test a requirement for international students?


Are there special requirements and provisions for international students?

There is a great deal of information available for international students at: For TOEFL score requirements, visa information, application deadlines, and special needs if required, please see the international student pages at Admission of International Students.

Diversity in its many forms is an important goal at Mason and a vital part of the Master of Arts in Arts Management program goals. Mason actively upholds EEO and Affirmative Action policy in its hiring and admission processes. It is also well respected as a campus that values international student diversity.

Can I apply for Graduate Study during Summer Term?

Graduate programs do not admit for summer term, however, students accepted for the fall semester are considered admitted students and some graduate programs may allow students to take courses during the preceding summer, including our International Arts Management course.

How long does it take to become a resident of Virginia and qualify for in-state tuition?

Each case is unique and we encourage you to read about the steps for claiming and verifying Virginia residency on the admissions website.

What is an Offer of Admission?

The written offer of admission specifies the effective date of admission, category of admission offered, and name of the faculty advisor assigned to the applicant. This offer is good only for the semester for which the applicant applies. The offer must be accepted by returning an Intent to Enroll form and a deposit, if required by the school or college. Those whose offer of admission has lapsed must submit a new application and fee to be reconsidered for admission at a later date. Students may simultaneously apply to more than one graduate program, but if they are admitted to more than one program, they may accept only one offer and pursue only one degree program at a time.

Can I change the field of Graduate Study after being admitted?

Admission for graduate study is admission to a specific program. Therefore, a student is not free to change graduate programs at will. Students seeking to change from one graduate program to another (at the same level and within the same college) need the approval of their dean and should contact their dean’s office for the appropriate form and instructions. Note that residency requirements must be met after the change to the new program, and no new time limit is given. For students seeking a change between two colleges, resignation from the previous program, a new application, application fee, official transcripts, and proof of degree from prior institutions are required. Previous acceptance into one graduate program does not guarantee acceptance into another.

How long are admissions records maintained?

All admissions documents, including academic records sent from other institutions, become part of the official university file. Admission credentials are retained for only 12 months. They are subsequently destroyed if applicants do not register for courses within the period for which the offer of admission is valid; have been denied admission; do not respond to requests for additional information; or fail to submit complete applications, including all official transcripts and test results.

Is campus housing available?

Yes, a variety of housing options are available at the Fairfax campus for undergraduate students.  Graduate students attending classes in Arlington will need to locate off-campus housing.

How do I register using Patriot Web?

All of your personal, registration, class schedule, financial aid, and grade information can be accessed at