Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, Executive Director

Posted: June 21, 2017 at 4:16 pm, Last Updated: June 21, 2017 at 4:19 pm

The Alexandria Symphony Orchestra (ASO), now in its 74th year, is a non-profit organization that serves the people of Alexandria, Virginia and the surrounding region through high quality orchestral performances, music education programs, and community outreach. The ASO is seeking a dynamic, full-time Executive Director to direct all activities related to the management of the Orchestra’s music concerts, education programs, community activities, fundraising, and staff. The ASO is a League of America Orchestras Class 5/6 orchestra with a budget of approximately $650,000. Salary and benefits are negotiable and will be regionally competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Job Role and Summary

The role of the Executive Director of the ASO is to do all things possible to see that the ASO constantly improves its musical product, that it operates on a stable financial basis and that it carries outs its obligation to serve as a community cultural and educational institution – an obligation placed upon it by federal laws as a 501(c)(3)organization and also by the fact that the organization solicits and accepts contributions from the general public in order to strengthen the musical education and assets of the community.

The Executive Director is the leadership position responsible for managing the human and financial resources of the ASO in order to achieve the orchestra’s mission. To that end, the Executive Director is responsible and accountable for all aspects of the organization, and implementing the policies set by the Board of Trustees. The Executive Director will serve as the chief operating officer and reports to the Board of Trustees through the Board President.

Job Requirements

  • Leadership and management experience with an orchestra or performing arts organization
  • Proven fundraising and donor cultivation talents
  • Solid financial management and reporting skills
  • Strong and effective oral and written communications skills
  • Superb interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively communicate with all ASO stakeholders: Music Director, the Board of Trustees and ASO staff, donors, business and government partners, the media, community leaders, etc.
  • Ability to effectively motivate the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers to achieve the ASO’s mission and goals

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Strategy and Planning

  • Take a leadership role in driving the collaborative process with the Board of Trustees, staff, and ASO stakeholders in the development of objectives and operational plans for the ASO that support the artistic, financial, and community engagement goals of the organization
  • Cultivate a strong partnership with the Board of Trustees to set policies consistent with the mission and operations of the ASO
  • Develop and implement current and long-range administrative and personnel planning to ensure that the organization is effectively structured and staffed competently

Board of Directors

  • Advise the Board on matters within the Executive Director’s scope of responsibilities to promote the successful and efficient operation of the ASO and the ASO’s programs and activities
  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee (as requested); prepare and present reports for Board and Executive Committee meetings and ensure that minutes are recorded and filed
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all Board committees and assure that committee work is accomplished as requested
  • Work with the Nominating Committee to identify and recruit qualified candidates for the ASO Boards; assist with new member orientation

Fund Raising and Community Engagement

  • Ensure effective communications with all ASO stakeholders: volunteer groups and programs, donors and subscribers, other arts organizations, government and business organizations, the media and the public to accomplish ASO objectives and operations
  • Pro-actively promote current and new fundraising activities to include the annual fund drives, corporate sponsorships, special events, endowment campaigns, planned giving program, and the identification and cultivation of current and future donors
  • Ensure that all contributions and other support are acknowledged as may be required by law and as is otherwise appropriate; maintain accurate and complete records of financial contributions and other substantial support
  • As an ambassador for the ASO, participate in key community engagement activities and organizations, taking a pro-active and results-oriented approach in advocating for the ASO, its performances and programs, and assuring ASO leverage with relevant activities and partnerships with business, public and other non-profit organizations
  • Can proactively leverage social media for community outreach and fundraising activities

Artistic Administration

  • Form a productive and professional working relationship with the Music Director and assist the Music Director and the Music Committee in the development, implementation, and monitoring of the orchestra’s artistic objectives
  • Work with the Music Director and the Music Committee in the selection of guest artists, guest conductors, partners and performing groups, and programs to support the ASO’s artistic objectives
  • Negotiate contracts for all guest artists within budget parameters set by ASO Board, and arrange for their transportation, lodging, and entertainment


  • Assist the Music Director and the ASO Personnel Manager in the hiring of all musicians; execute individual contracts according to approved budget and policies set by the Board
  • Serve as principal staff spokesperson/liaison to the orchestra for policy issues and non-artistic matters

Concert Production

  • In consultation with the Music Director and the Music Committee:
    • Develop an annual master plan for orchestra operations, including rehearsal schedules, local concerts, program themes and ideas, guest artists, special events, and audience development. Direct implementation of the master plan
    • Seek and obtain new opportunities for performances by the ASO
  • Negotiate and execute concert hall leases and rent other rehearsal/concert spaces as required
  • Secure required equipment, instruments, licenses and permits
  • Attend rehearsals and concerts as required
  • Oversee Box Office preparation and execution

Marketing and Advocacy

  • In coordination with the Board and its committees, develop and implement an annual marketing campaign that is within budget and targets increases in subscription and single ticket sales and publicizes/leverages ASO activities, fundraisers, special events and educational programs to increase revenues
  • Maintain and develop media contacts with the full range of venues – electronic and print media, social media, etc. to generate visibility, publicity and revenues for the ASO


  • In coordination with the ASO Treasurer and Finance Committee, prepare and submit for approval by the Board the ASO annual budget.   Monitor, update, and authorize expenditures in accordance with the approved budget.   Prepare monthly updated cash flow projections based on actual income and expense activity
  • In coordination with the ASO accountant, ensure that accurate books of accounts are maintained; maintain bank accounts as directed by the Board
  • Prepare financial statements, including cash flow projections, for the ASO Treasurer and Board review and approval
  • Review and approve accounts payable and receivable
  • Assure that all contracts (artistic, logistical, etc.) are current and legally viable for all parties
  • In coordination with the ASO Treasurer and the ASO Accountant, oversee the annual audit each fall


  • Identify, prepare, and submit grant applications and reports to foundations, corporations, and government agencies
  • Ensure that grants are spent in accordance with grant guidelines and that all grant reporting requirements are met
  • Prepare a monthly grants report for review and approval by the Finance Committee


  • Provide leadership and motivation to the ASO staff, Board and volunteers so that they work together to accomplish ASO objectives and continually improve ASO operations
  • Maintain the business office operations of the ASO to include updated files (personnel, finance, contracts, etc.), all document management requirements, website development and maintenance, and other general administrative matters
  • Purchase equipment, supplies, etc., according to budget and approved procedures
  • Be familiar with office software used by the ASO, specifically QuickBooks (budget)), Patron Manager (customer relationship management), Microsoft Office, and other applications necessary to conduct ASO operations
  • Adept at understanding and leveraging social media to benefit the ASO and its programs and events
  • Handle correspondence, including patron suggestions and complaints, in a timely manner
  • Maintain documents according to legal requirements and/or Board policies and procedures
  • Maintain adequate insurance to protect the orchestra’s assets/property and Trustee and staff liabilities
  • Recruit, select, and supervise administrative staff. Promote, discipline, and terminate in accordance with legal requirements and Board policy. Evaluate staff performance annually in writing and maintain all ASO personnel files.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor compensation and benefits programs
  • Ensure that all employer responsibilities are met and that the organizations is in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws
  • Prepare and update the most current job descriptions, the ASO Employee Handbook, and employment policies
  • Approve and maintain payroll records for the Music Director, ASO staff, and guest artists


  • Provide support to the ASO Education Committee in the strategic planning and the management of ASO Sympatico and any other ASO education programs
  • Assure that ASO Sympatico and other ASO music programs are integrated into ASO operations, e.g., budgets, fundraising, marketing and development, and music programs


  • Keep abreast of activities and development in the orchestra field; advise the Board of matters that may be helpful to promote the orchestra’s objectives

Application Process

Application Deadline:  August 18, 2017

Apply to Name:  ASO Executive Director Search

Apply to Email:

Application Procedure:  Submit your cover letter and resume by email to the above

Subject: Attention: ASO Music Director Search.

Applicants should address how their experience, knowledge, and skills would allow them to meet the requirements and responsibilities of the ASO Executive Director as set forth in this job description.

The ASO is an equal opportunity employer. For more information on the ASO, visit our website