Board Mentorship Leadership Service Opportunity for AAAE Students Through USITT Program

Posted: August 11, 2017 at 12:48 pm

There are so few opportunities for students to gain experience serving on nonprofit boards. This opportunity addresses our concerns around diversity gaps on boards–including the age gap, gender gap, and underrepresented groups gap. This program, at USITT fully funds the student’s participation in the annual conference, meetings and onsite retreat for a full year (March 2018-June 2019.  Students get to attend 2 conferences, one as the new mentee (with board mentorship support), and one as the outgoing board mentee, to help support the incoming mentee.) Thus there are two students sitting on the board.
Please go the link below for more information and for the link to the application. The student no longer requires a letter from a AAAE member or one of their faculty, but contact information if they are selected as a finalist for recommendation.