National Arts Strategies- Creative Community Fellows

Posted: March 29, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Community change requires individuals with grit, those who are passionate and dedicated to tackling the challenges that lie ahead. It requires trailblazers who carefully engage local partners, who listen to the advice and counsel of community members and who can adapt their strategy based upon community feedback.

We’ve built the Creative Community Fellows program for these individuals working at the intersection of culture and community. Over the course of a year, through online and in-person learning, we give them tools, training and access to a community of support. This combination fuels their visions for community change, sparking new ideas and helping propel them into action.

Selection Criteria

The Creative Community Fellows program is designed for individuals igniting change through arts and culture in their community. We are looking for curious, open and collaborative individuals who are interested in learning and sharing what they learn. We want people who are dedicated to creating healthy neighborhoods and who will recognize and seize opportunities for change.



Application deadline: April 24, 2016

Participants notified of application status: May 23, 2016

Creative Community House: East Topsham, Vermont July 18-26, 2016

Online learning: Summer 2016–Winter 2017

Creative Community Launchpad: West Coast, January 2017


Tuition, including room and board, is completely underwritten for all Fellows. Fellows are only responsible for their travel costs to any in-person events.

This program is for individuals. They may or may not be connected to an organization.