Jordan McRae

Jordan McRae
Titles and Organizations

2021, Arts Management, MA


My name is Jordan McRae, and I am from Prince George’s County, Maryland. Currently, I work as a Grant Writer and Grant Project Coordinator with Leonardtown Grants, LLC. As a grant writer I support non-profit organizations within the field of public health and human services, and I have supported grant projects that have received funding in the range of $5,000–$25,000,000. Aside from my professional experience as a grant writer, I am a classical saxophonist and have been playing the saxophone for the last 15 years. My passion for the arts has been present throughout my entire life, and my journey into arts administration/arts management started when I completed an internship for a concert series at St. Mary’s College of Maryland (SMCM). As a prospective arts manager, I hope to work for an arts non-profit organization that helps students of color advance their artforms and helps them find career pathways into the art fields.   

Why did you choose Arts Management at Mason?  

My decision to pursue Arts Management at Mason is a result of my academic background. As an undergraduate student, I received a Bachelor’s in music performance and a Bachelor’s in English from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. I felt that an Arts Management program would align well with both of my degrees and help me establish a career within the arts. Additionally, a couple of my close friends and colleagues from the SMCM Music Department started their graduate studies at Mason, and I believed that Mason would be a great fit for me.   

What makes you passionate about the arts?  

I am passionate about the arts because I believe the arts has the intrinsic nature of bringing people together. Regardless of the artform, I believe the arts plays a major role in the lives of everyone. Furthermore, I love the manner in which the arts can break down barriers within our society. I champion the arts because the arts has the capacity to heal and bring people together.    

What area of arts management are you interested in and why?  

As a musician, I am very interested in performing arts management. Music has played a very pivotal role in my life, and I am truly passionate about sharing and advancing the gift of music. Additionally, as a grant writer, I am very interested in fundraising for arts organizations. I am keenly interested in working as a Development Associate within an arts organization that supports underserved and under-resourced children and youth of color.   

What is your favorite art activity in the area and why?  

Personally, I love to experience the local art scene within Washington D.C. To do this, I typically go with friends to see concerts, and visit art galleries and museums. Currently, my favorite arts museum is a tie between the National Gallery of Art (NGA) and the Philips Collection.   

What was a favorite project or class you had and why?  

Currently, my favorite class was the Fundraising and Development class with Professor Reeder. As someone who desires to work in the fundraising field, Professor Reeder’s class provided several professional development opportunities that have helped me grow as a grant writer.