Accelerated Arts Management, MA

The College of Visual and Performing Arts offers several options for our undergraduate students to start working on their master’s degree while they’re completing their bachelor’s. Applicants receive a waiver of the graduate application fee and admitted students may obtain both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree after satisfactory completion of 144-150 credits (number of required credits depends on the degree program).

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Available programs in Arts Management: 

  • Art & Visual Technology, BA/Arts Management, MA
  • Art & Visual Technology, BFA/Arts Management, MA
  • Music, BA/Arts Management, MA
  • Music, BM/Arts Management, MA
  • Theater, BA/Arts Management, MA

Admissions Requirements

Students who are interested in pursuing the accelerated route should talk to their undergraduate advisor to see if it would work with their current degree plan. Students must apply to the Master’s option when they have earned 75 – 90 credits; applications cannot be considered for applicants who hold more than 90 credits. For more information about policies and procedures, students should refer to the university catalog.

All students must provide the following items as part of their applications:

  • Online Application
  • Goals Statement outlining their reasons for wanting to pursue the Master’s program
  • Two letters of recommendation from current professors
  • Uploaded transcript from PatriotWeb
  • Resume